Gowganda Fishing Lodge

Duncan Lake Camp
General Delivery
Gowganda, Ontario  P0J 1J0
Phone: (705)624-3536
Open May thru October
Tod, Sue, Catherine & Sydney Wheeler


Set in the wilderness on a remote island secluded away from it all, this is the spot to enjoy the Canadian Northwoods at its fullest. Enjoy great fishing and hunting, or just rest and relax. Duncan Lake is 17 miles long and is part of the headwaters of the Montreal River. It has over 200 miles of shoreline and more than 50 islands. The many bays, shoals and grass beds, plus an abundance of food, all help make Duncan one of the best Walleye and Northern Pike lakes in Ontario.

Duncan Lake is fabulous hunting territory and we can easily reach more than 50 square miles of it from camp. We have a great Black Bear population and the hunting season runs from August 15th to October 15th. Hunting is mainly over baited stands, watched morning and evening. The bears will be coming into your baited bear stand before you arrive. For the Moose hunter, hunting along old trails, swamps, deep cover or by canoe in our many outer lakes can be very rewarding.

Duncan Lake cabins all have a beautiful view of the lake. Each cabin features a screened porch, refrigerator, propane cooking stove, oil heat, and are furnished with dishes and utensils for housekeeping. We generate power for our lights and have a deep freeze to care for your fish. The camp store is stocked with staple food items, sundries and tackle. Fishing and hunting licenses are also available.